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NeuroQ was formulated to help promote memory, mental sharpness, and neuroprotection and is delivering dramatic transformation to people of all ages. Our clinical study shows that optimal results are seen after taking NeuroQ for 90 days. *Subjective cognitive decline is self-reported confusion or memory problems.

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PreCODE is an online community and information service for anyone interested in the prevention of cognitive decline and brain health optimization. PreCODE is intended for individuals who are asymptomatic and interested in preventing cognitive decline and promoting brain health optimization. It was designed for adults of any age with a family history of dementia, with risk factors such as pre-diabetes or inflammation, and for all of us who are over 45 years of age.

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The Bredesen Protocol

The Bredesen Protocol provides a comprehensive, personalized program designed to improve cognition and reverse the cognitive decline of subjective cognitive impairment (SCI), Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and early Alzheimer’s disease. Continued research and testing by Dr. Bredesen began by evolving Metabolic Enhancement for Neurodegeneration (MEND) into the ReCODE program—and his continued research and testing has identified new and previously unrecognized causes of Alzheimer’s disease.

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